Road Cargo Freight Transport Services

Road Cargo Freight Transport Services

Because the road transportation network is generally more than ten times denser than the railway and waterway network, and the distribution area is also wide, road transportation vehicles can be "everywhere and all the time." Road cargo transport is also relatively flexible in terms of time. Vehicles of road freight services can be dispatched and shipped at any time, and the connection time between various links is relatively short. In particular, road transport logistics is highly adaptable to the volume of passengers and freight. The tonnage of automobiles is small and large, and they can be transported independently by a single vehicle or can be transported by several vehicles at the same time.

As one of the professional road freight companies in China, Realhong can provide you with safe and efficient road cargo transportation services as a reliable and professional road transport company. Either the international road freight or the express road cargo is available.

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What Is Road Freight Transport?

Road transportation, also called road freight transport, freight on road transport, is the transportation mode on the road. Road cargo transport is one of the transportation system components, mainly responsible for short-distance passenger and cargo transportation. In remote and economically backward areas with rugged terrain, sparsely populated, underdeveloped railway and water transportation, freight by road is the main mode of transportation. What's more, the road freight charges are affordable.

Road Freight Logistics

Advantages Of Road Freight Transport

Road transport logistics is a flexible, simple, and convenient transportation method. In the short-distance cargo distribution operation, freight by road has greater advantages than sea and air freight, especially in the realization of "door-to-door" transportation no matter what kinds of road freight companies you choose. For significant. The main advantages of road freight shipping are strong flexibility, short road construction period, low road freight charges, ease to adapt to local conditions, and low requirements for receiving station facilities.

Road Transport Logistics

Road Cargo Transportation Services

Nowadays, in most countries/regions, freight road transport provided by international road freight companies has become one of the most in-demand types of freight. In addition, road transport logistics successfully combines profitable costs for customers. Therefore, road cargo transportation services mainly have the following stages:

  • Research the characteristics of specific goods and the wishes of customers;

  • Choose and coordinate the best road transport logistics route;

  • Prepare necessary accompanying documents before freight by road;

  • Road freight cargo handling: packaging, labeling, storage;

  • Loading operations;

  • Road freight cargo insurance;

  • Monitor the condition of goods in the entire route of road freight transport.

Road Freight Transport Services

Types of Goods Transported by Road

As the vehicle allotment is relatively flexible and convenient than the other modes of goods shipping like air freight courier transport logistics and FCL sea freight, the road freight transport services hold great advantages in short-distance cargo distribution. Given this specific feature, freight by road is now widely used in the transportation of the following products:

  • Food goods (perishable goods such as the cooked food will need refrigeration during freight road transport)

  • Electronic devices

  • Machinery and auxiliary equipment

  • Poultry goods.

  • Luggage

  • Dangerous and toxic goods (in this case, the road transport company will need corresponding permits to transport such goods, etc.).

  • Agricultural goods such as crops.

Freight Road Transport

How To Calculate Chargeable Weight For Road Freight ?

When it comes to road freight charges, it's relatively cost-effective by international road freight. To get the road freight rates and calculate the chargeable weight in road freight, you should take road transport volumetric weight constant as 300 kgs/cbm firstly.

  • Calculating the gross weight of the cargo.

  • Calculating the total volume of the cargo.

  • Calculating the volumetric weight of the cargo: You should multiply the volume of the cargo with road shipment volumetric weight constant, in order to reach the volumetric weight.

  • Calculating the chargeable weight of the cargo: You should compare the gross weight of the cargo with the volumetric weight of the cargo and select the biggest amount. And this will be your final chargeable weight for the given road shipment.

Freight On Road

As a professional road cargo transport company, Shanghai Realhong provides top-quality road cargo transportation services. Contact us now to get more information!

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