Freight Services

Freight Services

There are four main types of service freight available to shippers in the freight world, ground (road)freight, railway, sea and air freight. Shanghai Realhong International Logistics Co., Ltd., as one of the reliable shipping freight, logistics consulting, and e-commerce logistics companies, has been focusing on shipping and has made outstanding achievements in this field. It is well-received and preferred by customers in various regions.
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Best International Freight Shipping

You may consider what best international freight shipping is. When deciding whether to use sea and air freight shipping logistics services or land freight services as freight by road, for the next batch of goods, the following four main factors need to be considered: cost, speed, punctuality, and environmental protection.

How to Choose Freight Services According to Your Needs

  • Cost

    It is generally believed that the cost of land transportation is lower than maritime transport costs. In fact, it is necessary to refer to the weight of the object and the destination charge standard to make a judgment.

  • Speed

    Air freight transportation is obviously better than air logistics and ocean logistics, but with the advancement of marine technology, the development of the new cana slowly makes up for this defect, which means air freight and sea freight logistics have their own advantages.

  • Punctuality

    In severe weather, shipping will be more affected, which may delay the delivery time.

  • Environmental Protection

    It is obvious that the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by air transportation is much greater than that of shipping.

In short, no matter which method, there are both advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the shipper to decide which transportation method is most suitable for them, so that it is consistent with their company's vision and values.
  • Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management
    Realhong pays attention to supply chain management while focusing on the traditional international loan agency industry so that we can provide customers with high-quality and low-cost services. We can provide professional shipping and logistics management of the entire production flow of goods transportation services increases customer satisfaction with its orderly organizations, advanced integrated logistics systems, and optimized operating procedures.
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  • Project Cargo Logistics

    Project Cargo Logistics

    Project Cargo Logistics
    Realhong handles different types of cargo and logistics for our customers, from small LCL containers to very large and heavy freight shipping, from intermodal freight to refrigerated freight to ensure that the goods can arrive at the destination on time. We can help you with the four main means of cargo shipping services including air freight, rail transport sea freight, and road freight with comprehensive cargo transport services.
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  • Custom Clearance Of Import & Export Cargo

    Custom Clearance Of Import & Export Cargo

    Custom Clearance Of Import & Export Cargo
    As a professional global shipping and logistics company, when conducting international mail delivery through Realhong, Realhong provides customer declaration service and logistics at home and abroad with a full set of reliable and comprehensive customs declaration services.
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  • Logistic Warehousing and Distribution Services

    Logistic Warehousing and Distribution Services

    Logistic Warehousing and Distribution Services
    Realhong's service of warehousing and distribution can provide integrated supply chain logistics solutions and overall logistics services for commercial circulation companies, production companies, etc., to offer professional integrated logistics services with efficient integrated logistics solution for logistics enterprises. We pursue a kind of excellent global multi-national warehousing and distribution business to meet the needs of customers.
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Why Choose Realhong Intercontinental Logistics Cargo Company

  • Fast And Cost-effective 3pl transport

    Fast And Cost-effective 3pl transport

  • An International Freight Network

    An International Freight Network

  • Professional Customized Freight Solution

    Professional Customized Freight Solution

  • More Accurate Global Logistics Management

    More Accurate Global Logistics Management

How Does Freight Delivery Work?

When industrial and commercial enterprises make decisions on logistics outsourcing or self-operation, they usually choose third-party logistics because the logistics services provided by third-party logistics are more professional. And the characteristic of the third-party logistics service is "tailor-made", so it can be said that the service content of the third-party logistics is all-encompassing, and the service of the third-party logistics will continue to change and improve continuously as the demand for logistics changes. The shipping process of a third-party logistics company as Realhong is to contact the producer or the demander to confirm, and then be responsible for the logistics services between the two. 

Freight delivery is the physical process of transporting commodities and merchandise goods and cargo. The current common third-party logistics activities are mainly divided into six categories: transportation, distribution services, warehousing services, information services, value-added services and overall planning. Freight delivery services include the design of transportation and distribution networks, one-stop all-around transportation service, outsourcing transportation force (monitoring is still done by the customer), freight services management, delivery and other supporting services such as customs declaration.

From the perspective of service content, transportation, warehousing and distribution are the most important businesses of third-party logistics companies; overall planning and design are the guarantees of the third-party logistics business; information technology is the central nerve of the third-party logistics business; Value-added is the purpose of the third party logistics.

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