Factors influencing logistics transportation selection

(1) Logistics transportation distance: in the process of transportation, a series of factors such as transportation time and transportation cost are related to the transportation distance to a certain extent. The length of the distance is the basic factor influencing the choice of the method of transport. Generally speaking, cars are suitable for short distance transportation; trains are suitable for medium and long-distance transportation; ships are suitable for long-distance transportation, and international logistics are often carried by sea, air or combined transportation.

(2) Logistics transportation time: In the whole logistics process, transport takes up the vast majority of the time. Therefore, shortening the transportation time is equivalent to shortening the whole logistics time. The speed of transportion time is generally related to the distance and means of transport. Knowing the speed and distance of each method of transportation, you can easily calculate the time required.

(3) Logistics transportation costs: transportation costs account for a large proportion of the total logistics costs. The number of freight depends on the kind of goods, weight, volume, distance, means of transport and other factors. When considering the cost of transport, it is necessary to start from the overall situation and take into account the costs of other logistics links. The links are coorelated and are determined by the overall cost of the logistics, so logistics management strategies should consider this factor carefully.

(4) Logistics transportation link: each additional transportation will not only increase the freight, but also increase the costs such as loading and unloading, packaging, facility use, etc., and also increase the transportation time. Therefore, when considering the mode of transport, it is necessary to minimize unnecessary transport links as the premise, especially the use of similar means of transport links.

(5) Density of logistics transportation products: the density of products is closely related to the volume of transportation vehicles. The higher the product density, the better the capacity of the loading space can be utilized, and thus more cargo can be loaded. At the same time, the transport cost of large quantities is low, so the space should be made full use of by combining small batches of goods into large ones. Select the appropriate means of transport, to achieve the maximum loading space capacity, reduce transport costs.

Factors Affecting Logistics Management