China Railway Sixth Bureau Overseas Engineering Co. LTD

"Having cooperated for many years, Realhong is very professional for business and have good service. Under the guidance of the leader, they have excellent staff and can provide high-quality solutions to customers. Be trustworthy."

Chongqing Huafeng Aluminum (Group) Co. LTD

"Our cooperation with Realhong is tidy and not disorderly, and they can offer the best price and best service. We truly enjoy the sense of achievement brought by our work with Realhong."

Green man New Energy Vehicles Co. LTD

"For our new energy enterprises, innovation and timeliness are the most important goals, and Realhong can give us first-class service and young thinking. They can develop fast, accurate, ruthless through train transport plan for us and ahead of schedule to complete the plan."

Hubei Xingfa Chemical Industry Group Co. LTD

"Safe production and safe shipment are the criteria of every chemical enterprise. Believing Realhong is the strong backing of our export trade, and they can provide us the professional logistics and transportation, and storage environment to build more long-term trade cooperation."

National Machinery Heavy Industry Group Changlin Co. LTD

"First-class service, professional ability, innovation without losing preciseness, responding to emergencies, rational treatment, full communication, active cooperation, timely change of countermeasures, solve problems, for us to avoid losses."