Differences Between International Air Freight And International Express

Main Subject

Major airlines are the main subjects of international air freight, such as Air China, Shenzhen Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Northwest Airlines. Whereas the main body of international express is the major express companies, such as DHL, UPS, TNT, EMS, OCS, AAE, DPEX, FedEx.

Delivery Destination

International air freight only sends goods to the airport, while international express sends them to one's home.

international express

Inspection of Export Commodities

Generally speaking, international air prompt cargo services requires inspection of export commodities (some goods do not need inspection), while international express does not need that.

Time Limitation

The time limit of international air freight and express delivery is almost the same, which is about several days. Some places are faster by international air freight, and some are faster by international express. For example, it would be the fastest by international air freight if goods are sent to Tokyo, Japan. The speed of time is mainly related to the following three factors.

  • The efficiency and strength of the transportation company

  • Airport flight schedule

  • Customs clearance speed at the destination

international air freight

Weight Calculation

International air freight is calculated by the maximum weight concerning the volume weight and the actual weight (note: the volume weight is calculated by the formula of length * width * height /6000, in which the length, width, and height are calculated in centimeters. Bulk cargo is called dump, also called bubble. As for the nano-pillow, the actual weight is only 5 kg, but the volume weight even reached 28 kg, so it is not cost-effective by international air freight. The four major international express-DHL, UPS, TNT and fedex are all calculated in the same way as international air freight, that is, to calculate by the maximum weight between the volume weight and the actual weight. Only EMS international express is to charge by weight (no matter how big the volume is) strictly.