As we all know, logistics can be divided into many kinds of types. According to different types of transportation, there are freight by road, sea freight logistics, railway freight services and air freight courier transport logistics. And different logistics have various limits, principles and calculation methods. This article is about pallet freight services. Pallet freight services are one of the goods logistics. Pallet freight services are usually for unit supplies and small quantities of items. So what are the pallet freight services? What should we pay attention to during pallet freight services?

What Is Pallet Shipping?

The first thing to understand about flat rate pallet shipping is that not all pallets are the same. Pallets are horizontal platform devices used for handling, stacking, assembling and transporting goods, which placed as unit loads. They are generally made of fiber, metal and wood. And they are easy to load, unload and handle unit materials and small quantities of materials. They are made of different qualities and materials and range in weight from 20 to 70 pounds. You'll see both wood and plastic pallets in use in pallet freight services, depending on the shipper's needs. There are standard export pallet size available, but you can choose different types of pallets depending on your international pallet shipping needs.

You will need to choose pallets that are large enough to prevent any overhang and strong enough to handle the volume of your cargo. Shipping pallets with four-way forklift access are desirable because they make it easier to load and unload cargo and reduce the risk of damage.

Pallet Freight Services

Why Choose International and Interstate Pallet Shipping?

Most freight items require palletization. Pallets are portable platforms used to pack goods for shipping. Although there are different export pallet sizes, most commonly a standard 40 X 48 pallet will be used to ship your items. First and foremost, pallets are important because they help protect your cargo. Crating is another option when shipping goods, especially for items that are easily damaged. Palletizing your goods is important for the following reasons.

First, pallet freight services can protect your cargo during transportation, loading and unloading.

Second, pallet freight services make loading and unloading faster and easier for carriers.

Third, pallet freight services allow carriers to maximize space in the trailer.

Pallet Freight Services

Pallets Of Internation Pallet Freight Shipping Services

Pallets Providing

Pallets for freight services are generally provided by the supplier, and they are delivered to the consignee together with the goods. Some pallets of freight services are provided by the carrier, and the goods are packed on pallets at the loading ground, and then the goods are loaded on the transport with pallets. When the consignee picks up the goods at the unloading ground, the pallets are picked up together, and the empty pallets are returned within the specified time after the compeletion of the pallet freight services.

Export Pallet Size

For export pallet sizes, there are standard pallets and oversized pallets. Most commonly, the length of the standard pallets is 120cm and the width is 100cm. And the height is ranging from 60cm-220cm, the max weight is 150kg-1000kg. In addition, the length of the oversized pallets is 240cm and the width is 100cm. And the height is ranging from 80-220cm, the max weight is 250kg-1000kg.

Pallet Freight Services

Pallet Shipping Cost

There are many factors that affect pallet shipping cost, so it's not quite easy to make an estimated pallet shipping rates. But here are some of the factors that will affect your delivery price so you can get an idea of what you can expect to pay.


If the pallets need to be shipped overseas, then this will incur additional customs fees and the additional distance and cost of the vehicle will be higher.


If you need the pallets delivered by a certain time, then this may require the pallet carrier to catch up with your work schedule, which may also needs more on pallet shipping cost as they will need to send a vehicle specifically for your shipment rather than having it travel in an already manufactured vehicle during pallet freight services.

Item Size

The size of the items will also affect the pallet shipping cost as it will determine how much space they take up in the vehicle. Standard pallets are 48' x 40", but custom pallets are also available in many pallet freight services. You should discuss which option is most appropriate with the pallet shipping company you choose.

Pickup and delivery locations

Normally, urban and densely populated areas are often easy to pick up and less costly than remote areas that require additional travel to pick up.

Time of year

Depending on the time of year, some routes may be closed due to inclement weather conditions, which may result in longer routes for your deliveries, thus affects the pallet shipping rates.

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Pallet Freight Services

International Shipping Pallet Requirements

The pallet size standard is an important standard for logistics unitization. Pallets have a direct relationship with stored shelves, transported products, containers, transport vehicles, unloading platforms, and handling facilities. Therefore, the size of the pallet is the basis for considering the size of other logistics equipment. To establish an effective pallet public system, a uniform pallet must be used, and pallet standardization is a prerequisite for consistent pallet operations. The following factors should be considered when choosing the export pallet size:

1. The specifications and dimensions of transportation tools and transportation equipment must be considered. The appropriate export pallet size should be in line with the size of the transportation tool, which can make full use of the space of the transportation tool, increase the loading rate, and reduce the pallet shipping cost, especially the internal dimensions of the shipping container and the transportation commercial vehicle.

2. The packaging specifications of the pallet loaded goods should be considered. Choose the appropriate pallet according to the packaging specifications of the pallet-loaded goods. The reasonable index for the pallet-loaded goods is: 80% of the surface area utilization rate of the pallet, and the height of the center of gravity of the loaded goods should not exceed two-thirds of the width of the pallet.

3. Consider the versatility of pallet size

The international standard pallet specifications should be used as much as possible to facilitate the exchange and use of pallets.

4. Consider the use area of the export pallet size

The flow direction of the pallet loaded with goods directly affects the choice of export pallet size. Generally, goods to Europe should choose 1210 pallets (1200mm×1000mm) or 1208 pallets (1200mm×800mm); goods to Japan and South Korea should choose 1111 pallets (1100mm×1100mm); goods to Oceania should choose 1140mm×1140mm or 1067mm×1067mm; goods to the United States should choose 48-inch×40-inch pallets, and 1210 pallets are often sent to the United States in China. The 1200mm×1000mm pallet is the most widely used in the world, and it is also the most widely used in China.

In addition, there are several precautions for pallet freight services:

1. Packing miscellaneous goods is suitable for pallet freight services .But cold storage, super long overweight or bare bulk can not be used for pallet freight services.

2. Each pallet must be tied securely.

3. International freight on the pallet itself is free of freight.

4. The words pallet transport must be indicated on all transport documents. 

5.All must comply with the pallet loading regulations.

Pallet Freight Services