What Are the Basic Ways of the Development of the Third Party Logistics?

What Are the Basic Ways of the Development of the Third Party Logistics?

2022-11-25 13:46:48

I. What is the 3rd party logistics ?


Third party logistics refers to a kind of logistics operation who concentrates on doing well in main business. And they entrust it to professional logistics service enterprises which belong to themselves. Meanwhile they keep close contact with logistics enterprises through the information system, so as to achieve the whole logistics management and control.


Ⅱ. The basic way of the development of third-party logistics.


There are two basic ways for logistics enterprises to develop third-party logistics: First, they can consider gradual development. They can grow stronger and stronger through their own logistics business, which means accumulate resources and experience in operation and management. Then they develop into professional integrated logistics operators ,which provides comprehensive logistics services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Secondly, they consider leapfrog development, which integrate resources with small and medium-sized enterprises through alliance contracts. These rapidly expand logistics capacity, and become a professional third-party logistics enterprise.


(1) Policy approach. There are obstacles when logistics enterprises oriented to small and medium-sized enterprise development, where needs all levels of government incentives, positive guidance. From credit ,financial policies aspects and so on ,it is conducive to build the policy environment. And practical support and guidance of small and medium-sized enterprises actively regroup resources ,to start and promote the development of third party logistics in small and medium-sized enterprises.


(2)Market approach. With the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, logistics demand continues to increase. And logistics enterprises should deeply study the law of development of small and medium-sized enterprises logistics. Demander-oriented, they pull the development of third-party logistics quickly and effectively.


(3)Enterprise approach. The development of logistics can create value and benefits, which are the basic dynamics to drive logistics enterprises to lead their own development of third-party logistics.


(4) Social approaches. The development of third-party logistics needs the active cooperation and support of the whole society. And under the role of all social forces, the realization of industrial linkage and all-round will develop.

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