How Do Shopify Sellers Reduce International Logistics Costs?

How Do Shopify Sellers Reduce International Logistics Costs?

2022-11-25 13:54:57

How can Shopify sellers reduce international logistics costs? In the cross-border e-commerce industry, international logistics cost is a large consumption in the overall operating cost, which is also an important link that affects sellers' product profits. Therefore, shopify sellers need to rShopifynternational logistics costs. Then how should Shopify sellers reduce international logistics costs? Let's take a look today.


1. Choose a freight forwarding company to deliver goods can reduce international logistics cost


Sellers who have been in the international logistics industry will find that it is cheaper to choose a freight forwarding company to ship goods than to choose an official logistics company to ship. Do you know why? Because the freight forwarding companies have reached a cooperation with the logistics companies. The freight forwarding companies' accounts have a relatively large shipment volume and the delivery frequency is high, so it is possible for them to negotiate a more favorable price with international logistics companies.


If the seller chooses to ship the goods via the official logistics, he can only follow the official price announced by the international logistics company, without any price advantage. Therefore, choosing a freight forwarding company to deliver goods is a skill for Shopify sellers to reduce international logistics costs.


2. Choose cost-effective international logistics channels for delivery


There are many international logistics transportation methods and logistics channels available on the market, such as international commercial express, international special lines, postal parcels, etc. The transportation methods include air, sea, and land transportation. Each logistics channel has its characteristics and advantages, and sellers can choose the appropriate logistics channel based on these, for example, if you are pursuing low freight, you can choose international special lines and postal parcel logistics channels with high-cost performance.


International special lines: these refer to the special logistics line from the home country to another country, such as UK special line, Japanese special line, Italian special line, etc. International special lines are relatively cost-effective, fast in time, and cheap in freight, and there are many types of items that can be mailed in this way.  Shopify sellers can choose this channel to ship goods.


Postal parcels: Postal parcels are the transportation method that most cross-border e-commerce sellers will choose. The shipping costs of postal parcels are relatively cheap, and they can reach many countries and regions around the world. Types of items can be mailed through them, and their postal customs clearance capabilities are strong. At the same time, the disadvantage is that the timeliness is relatively slow with a high packet loss rate. Sellers should consider these characteristics and choose appropriate logistics channels.


3. Optimize products and reduce the weight of packages to reduce international logistics cost


The weight and volume of the package are factors that affect the logistics price. Sellers can choose products with lighter weights and smaller sizes. The shipping costs for such products will naturally be less. We can reduce the logistics cost by reducing the weight of the package. The packing material can choose fillers, bubble bags, and other lighter items.

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