Sea Freight Logistics Services


Less than container load

Container freight, also known as freight containers or cargo boxes all term is used to describe a large, standardized reusable box with a corrugated outer shell. They are used to ship merchandise and materials.

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Full container load

Container transportation refers to a modern transportation method that uses containers as a means of transportation. These containers can be loaded onto trucks, trains, and ships.

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Shipping Courier

International express is a comprehensive logistics service provider. We provide transportation, customs clearance, inspection declaration and insurance services for international air and seaports to all over the world.

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Air Freight Cargo Shipping Logistics


Air Courier service

Air cargo is a relatively late development, but has developed extremely rapidly. Modern enterprise managers especially favor air freight.

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airport cargo services

Although air freight is often confused with air cargo, it should be noted that air freight is a form of air transport and not just an air cargo.

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air cargo door-to-door services

Door-to-door international air freight is the combination of international air freight and delivery. The first-way trunk line transportation adopts international air transportation from origin to destination, which is transport mode as per customers requirement.

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 forward air truckload services

The freight forwarding company is mainly responsible for the transportation of goods, which is a freight forwarder. This can be used as an intermediary service between foreign and domestic traders who do not have direct access to each other.

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Road Cargo Freight Transport Services


Machinery and auxiliary equipment

Road transportation refers to the use of roads as transportation lines and the use of land transportation tools such as automobiles to complete cross-regional or transnational movements to transport goods.

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Agricultural goods such as crops.

Road transportation is a kind of transportation method with high usage rate. Therefore, we must learn about the knowledge of road freight transportation.

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Road freight transport is an important part of the transport system. It is much more general than road cargo transportation, including road general cargo transportation, that is to say, road general cargo transportation is only a small part of it.

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Dangerous and toxic goods(the road transport company will need corresponding permits to transport such goods)

Dangerous goods vehicle shall not be used in residential areas, densely pedestrianized areas, government offices, or scenic spots.

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