Solutions for the Third Party Logistics Warehousing Management System

Solutions for the Third Party Logistics Warehousing Management System

2022-11-25 13:43:55

When it comes to logistics, many people think of express delivery, which is closely related to express delivery. This is something we often come into contact with. Logistics staff will think about how to ship these products as soon as possible to improve work efficiency. 3rd party logistics warehousing is a transit point for goods, so 3rd party logistics warehousing management is very important. It is necessary to manage logistics and warehousing well. What are the problems in logistics warehousing management? How to solve it?


Ⅰ. The problem of 3rd party logistics warehousing management


1. The inventory information of 3rd party logistics is asymmetric, and the company cannot accurately grasp the inventory situation, so that many decisions cannot be implemented smoothly.

2. The inventory information of 3rd party logistics is opaque and the information transmission is lagging. It is difficult to carry out the product deployment work in the warehouse and cannot effectively support the sales work.

3. The inventory report is not detailed enough, and the query statistics is time-consuming and laborious, and it is difficult to achieve the expected results.

4. Inadequate monitoring of impending and expired products and serious losses.

5. Unable to use historical data to formulate a reasonable inventory management strategy. For this reason, based on the pain points of enterprise warehouse management, systematic and precise guidance is required.


Ⅱ. 3rd party logistics warehouse management system solutions


1. 3rd party logistics has multi-warehouse and multi-owner functions, which can quickly realize centralized management of the warehouse network of customers distributed in various places through a set of system.

2. The 3rd party logistics warehouse management system can dynamically manage the storage, warehousing, inventory counting, ledger, etc. of the goods, and the entire warehousing operation is electronically operated.

3. Reports on product information, storage location, inventory, freshness, and damage can be provided.

4. The 3rd party logistics warehouse management system promptly reminds the abnormalities in the operation management and control process, and takes emergency measures to ensure the rapid resolution of on-site problems.

5. Carry out strict validity period maintenance for products, carry 

 out first-in first-out, to avoid waste.

6. Control and record the operation process, and provide early warning of over-regulation operations.

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