china ningbo bonded warehouse

china ningbo bonded warehouse

2022-10-15 16:39:07

What is a bonded warehouse?


Bonded warehouse refers to a warehouse approved by the customs for the storage of imported goods and not subject to the customs laws and import control regulations. Imported goods stored in bonded warehouses can be modified, graded, sampled, mixed and reprocessed in the warehouse upon approval. These goods are exempt from customs duties if they are re-exported, and are subject to customs duties if they enter the domestic market. This is a warehouse set up by a country's customs or approved by the customs for registration, supervised and managed by the customs, and can store goods for a long time.




Where do the products of the bonded warehouse come from?


The goods in the bonded warehouse are goods imported in large quantities from abroad and are stored in the bonded warehouse. Domestic products cannot enter the bonded warehouse.


Bonded warehouse operation process


The specific process of bonded warehouse delivery: goods arrive onshore - customs declaration and inspection - entering customs supervision warehouse (bonded warehouse) - store selling products - merchant shipping - buyer confirming receipt.


Simply put, it's such a workflow. Full-step safety supervision is realized.


Advantages of bonded warehouse


  1. Cost reduction: large quantities of goods are shipped from overseas containers, and the freight is cost-effective. As costs drop, the selling price can be lowered accordingly, we can also buy more cost-effective goods, and buyers can also benefit from it.


  1. Faster delivery speed: By stocking the goods in the domestic bonded warehouse in advance, it can also help users save the period of waiting for the goods from overseas to China, and enjoy the same experience in overseas shopping as shopping on domestic online platforms logistics experience.


  1. Genuine products are guaranteed: all commodities entering the bonded warehouse need to be inspected and filed by the customs and commodity inspection departments. When entering the customs, it is also necessary to verify the origin of the goods and trace the source of the goods to ensure the official authenticity. After the warehousing process, the Quarantine Bureau needs to check the authenticity and quality of the goods according to the contents of the record, and the customs of the origin will also check the goods before exporting. Commodities are inspected. Genuine products are guaranteed.


  1. Guaranteed return: When the purchased product is found to be not good, the buyer can return the product to the domestic bonded warehouse or platform, and is also protected by the Chinese Consumer Law.


Classification of bonded warehouse


Bonded warehouses are classified into public type, self-use type and special type according to the different objects of use.


  1. Public type: It is operated by an independent enterprise legal person in China, which is mainly engaged in warehousing business, and provides bonded warehousing services to the society.


  1. Self-use type: It is operated by a specific independent enterprise legal person in China, and only stores bonded goods for its own use.


  1. Dedicated type: a warehouse in a bonded warehouse that is specially used to store commodities with specific purposes or special types.
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