What Are the Advantages of Pallet Freight Services?

What Are the Advantages of Pallet Freight Services?

2022-11-25 13:44:50

For logistics people, there are many types of logistics transportation, and different transportation has different restrictions, principles and calculation methods. The most common is generally cargo transportation, and the most common transportation methods are road, rail and air transportation. Pallet freight service is a kind of cargo transportation. So what does pallet freight service mean, and what are the advantages of pallet freight service?


Ⅰ. What is pallet freight service?


Pallet freight service is a transportation method in which goods are loaded on a standard pallet according to certain requirements and combined into a transportation unit for the easy use of forklifts or pallet elevators for loading, unloading, consignment, and storage. Pallet freight service is a method of cargo transportation that loads the pieces of goods on pallets and fixes them with cardboard, plastic film or metal ropes, and uses forklifts or other loading and unloading machinery to carry them. It is a form of "group transportation". Pallet freight service is a form of integrated transportation. After the cargo is loaded on the pallet, it is reinforced and tied to form a "group cargo load", which is then transported by ships and other means of transportation.


Ⅱ. Advantages of Pallet Freight Service


1. Pallet freight services can improve the aspects of the time-consuming and labor-intensive loading and unloading of single pieces, low efficiency, large cargo damage, disorderly separation of tickets, and high labor intensity.


2. Pallet freight services can improve freight quality and reduce manual operations.


3. Pallet freight services can improve work efficiency and speed up the turnover of vehicles and ships.


4. Compared with container transportation, pallet freight services can realize group transportation without large-scale special loading and unloading equipment, and the investment is small. Therefore, many ports in third world countries have promoted pallet freight services in the world.

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